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Be heard,be understood,be well.

Portrait of Erin Chambers, Naturopathic Doctor in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Your Experience is Real.

Medicine should be heartful: compassionate, sincere, and patient-centered. Medicine should meet you where you are at and listen to your story without judgement or questioning.

Nurturing health so you can take on life.

Hello! I am a naturopathic doctor practicing in Vancouver, BC. My goal is to empower people through building knowledge about their health so they can better navigate through the transitions in their lives, whether that be their monthly cycle, post partum, menopause, or a stressful time.

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My Journey

I grew up next to a forest and with a vegetable garden in the backyard, so I have always had an appreciation of nature and nutrition. I was also the kid who only got healthy snacks and meals, and though I would drool over other kids' chocolate milk, fruit roll ups, and chips, that foundational paradigm led me on the path to today.

I first found out about naturopathic medicine in university while studying food science and nutrition. I knew there had to be more to healthcare than what the current mainstream medical model was offering and maybe this was it. I was having some long standing digestive and pelvic floor issues and it was finally through naturopathic medicine that I found movement and traction. I felt heard, understood and cared for beyond anything I had experienced before. It was empowering to learn about my body and my health. I was drawn in to this patient-centered and nature-based approach to healthcare and I wanted to bring it to others, so here I am.

My Approach

I am here to meet you where you are at. I am here to listen to your experience without judging or questioning it. Your experience is real.

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You are a whole person. You are more than a body part or your physical symptoms. You are a person with a unique story, with thoughts, with emotions, and other body parts! By trying to understand you as a whole system and how you interact with your world, the more specific and well-suited a treatment plan can be formulated.

I am here as a guide. I may know about naturopathic medicine, but you are the expert in you and your life. You know what works and what does not. I can share knowledge, make suggestions, troubleshoot, and support, but you are the one making your health decisions and ultimately the one doing the healing. This is a team and I am on yours.



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