Accessing Previous and Future Lab Records + Lab Visit Tips

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You have a couple of different options for retrieving your bloodwork results in British Columbia:

Mycarecompass (from LifeLabs BC):

  • Log in to your account and you can download past results, easy peasy.
  • If you don’t have an account, sign up and you will be able to access your results from the time you sign up going forward, but you can’t retrieve older results from before you activated your account.

After you’ve completed the signup online, you’ll be good to go to any of the Lifelabs locations to get your tests done. Once at Lifelabs, you'll need to get a lab visit number to enter into your account to retrieve your results through your new Mycarecompass account. That’s it!

I usually recommend that my patients get a Mycarecompass account, so they have easy access to any of their reports going forward. That way, when you need to share results with another healthcare practitioner, you can access them from anywhere. Plus, it's your info; you should have it!

If you don’t have Mycarecompass, don't worry, there is another option: the BC Health Gateway.

BC Health Gateway

  • Health Gateway: This works through the My Services BC Care Card app.
  • All your previous BC public health records of not only lab results, but also doctors visits, and medications can be accessed here.

Tips for your lab visit

It’s never that fun going to get your blood drawn, so here are a few tips to help make it a bit less painful:

Fasting tests

Try to go first thing in the morning so you can sleep during the fasting window

*Pro Tip*: These spots are popular, so book in advance or find a place with "Save My Spot" with Lifelabs BC, and add yourself to the list when the lab opens.

Difficult veins

Make sure you are hydrated and go for a brisk walk around the block or down the hall before it’s time to have your blood drawn. This will help increase your circulation and make it easier to find your veins.

For the needle-averse

Advocate for what you need - if they’re going too fast for you, ask them to slow down. Or if you want to lay down while getting your blood drawn, you can do that.

Talk to an ND about some herbs you can take before to calm your nervous system before having your blood drawn.